Write For Your Audience

March 28, 2018

When you understand who you're targeting and why, you can better speak to your target audience's unique experiences and emotional triggers. 

It's important to adjust your copy to attract your target audience. I always recommend getting into their mindset and ask yourself what wording would attract them to your social media post? Use their language and you will attract them to your post on your social media accounts. It’s important that your language and tone thoughtfully reflects your audience. 

What is a tone you ask? 

  • Tone: Describe your social tone (caring, funny, authoritative, etc.)
  • Social Media Brand Voice: Describe what your social brand voice should sound like (casual, serious, professional, etc.)

Briefly describe your target audience on social media. Who are you writing for, anyway? Maybe write out the 5 W's. 

Research your target audience and write down words/slang that they use often and start playing around with your next copywriting post. A little research can go a long way and help you attract your audience correctly. Write in a way that puts your audience in the centre of the message.

Remember you want your audience to feel connected to your content and deliver value for them to consistently follow your posts.  

Written by Monika


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