Social Media Marketing Strategist

Monika Social is an organic social media marketing company, that understands that content planning, creativity, and client engagement can be tough.

Hi, I'm Monika!

My goal in life has always been to help businesses solve problems and create a plan for positive results.

The moment I started Monika Social, I knew I was living with purpose while helping more people than I ever have before.

A passion for social media and building relationships is what I do best.

I have seen the top social media apps grow over the years. As I remain up to date with the latest news, I help companies build their reputation online and in their community.

I believe in honesty and am open to working with people in different industries and walks of life.



A free consultation call is the best way for me to find out how to improve your social media presence. After our chat, I will understand what to do next. My goal is to create a plan of action for you and your team to connect with your audience.

Here is what I share in a consultation call:

  • I will ask questions to find out what kind of help you need
  • We will determine areas of improvement and what to do next
  • We will find out if social media management or a strategy is needed
  • An email is sent to you after our chat with different social media marketing packages

I care about my clients and want to be the social media marketing company that helps you achieve your goals.

Build and grow stronger relationships on social media! 

Book a Discovery Call Today! 

Get Social. Get Engaged. Get Discovered.



Marketing Services

My Social Media Strategy will include a plan to take your social media to the next level. We will chat about creating an online brand that your audience will appreciate.

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Marketing Strategies to Fuel Your Business Growth

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Acquire new skills through hands-on interaction with how to fully utilize social media marketing.

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