Benefits of Instagram Stories- Everyone has a story!

January 26, 2018

Benefits of Instagram Stories- Everyone has a story!

Benefits of Instagram Stories- Everyone has a story!
If you haven't used Instagram Stories than you should read my blog below. You will thank me later, once you see the results.
1) Better visibility and engagement – You will get more views on Instagram Stories, compared to organic posts due to the Instagram algorithm. Just like Facebook, organic content is ordered on what the network thinks you’d prefer to see. Don’t just post to push content. Instead, focus on driving content that will build brand awareness and make your followers happy.
2) Diverse ways to be creative and get noticed- Instagram Stories allows you to present your personality and show raw footage of your brand. Yes, this is a great time to go behind-the-scenes of your project or business. Remember, use this wisely and people will want to follow your brand.
3) Fun and easy to use! Yes, the best benefit of Instagram Stories is that you can have fun and utilize it to build your brand awareness. If you post engaging stories and post regularly, your audience will feel compelled to check your story. Step outside your comfort zone because people like to feel connected to a brand. Instagram Live is another fantastic opportunity to draw attention to your brand and increase engagement. 
In the end, the biggest benefit of Instagram Stories is that it increases your engagement on Instagram. Instagram Stories adds more creativity and flexibility to Instagram marketing despite changes in the platform and user behaviour. With so many reasons to use it, why not try an Instagram Story today?
Written by Monika


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