Setting Boundaries as an Entrepreneur

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September 05, 2019

Setting boundaries as an entrepreneur is an everyday essential part of running a healthy business. Setting boundaries is essential to keeping your motivation high, keeping tasks organized and ensuring the success of your projects. In this case, it’s important to be kind of a control freak because boundary setting is all about maintaining control over yourself, your obligations and your clients. It’s hard to know what kind of boundaries to set, when to set them and even how but below I will provide you with some go-to tips on how to be proactive and take control!

Firstly, you must have realistic boundaries. Here is the hard part: decide what you want and don’t want. Some of you may think this is simple but this means going into detail and knowing the answer to every question; do you want to work weekends? How late are you willing to work? How far are you willing to travel? How many clients are you able to take on?  etc. This is your first step to success. When you understand your own personal boundaries you are able to navigate your business in a way that optimizes productivity and success. Not only that, but by doing this your clients understand what they are able to and not able to ask and expect of you. 

Next, say “no”. This is such a powerful word that many are afraid to use. It’s simple, and very effective. Most people will take on a project and try to avoid doing it later on. It’s easy, say no at the start, it will save you a lot of time and complications in the future. 

Focus on solutions! Don’t sit there dwelling on problems and acting out in anger. Focus on appropriate solutions that work in the best interest for you and your company. Make sure to take the time you need in order to solve a boundary issue. By actively pursuing useful solutions, your clients will be much happier with you and your organization. Furthermore, you will understand your own boundary setting better and can modify it as needed.

Lastly, depersonalize. Don’t get caught up in how people react or feel about your chosen boundaries. People will react in all sorts of ways to a boundary they don’t accept but it’s up to you to not engage in someone’s reaction and let the situation diffuse. When you let someone's negative reaction get to you, that’s not setting boundaries anymore. So, don't let emotions get in the way of all your hard work.


Remember, stay grounded, be persistent and don’t let others take charge. Without healthy boundaries, there is no control. Energy, time and resources are wasted which an entrepreneur cannot afford. So, use these tips to sharpen your boundaries and make little to no exceptions. This is your business, your requirements and your decisions that in turn maximizes your company’s potential so stick to it and be proud of it!

Written by Monika


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