Social Media Marketing Training + Group Training


Monika Social will pro­vide an in-depth under­stand­ing of how to use var­i­ous social media plat­forms to grow your online presence. We will explore tools used to active­ly engage your customers through mean­ing­ful con­tent devel­op­ment, mea­sure suc­cess using ana­lyt­ics, under­stand how to use social media to pro­mote online sales, and learn best prac­tices for cre­at­ing social inter­ac­tions and respond­ing to poten­tial chal­lenges online.

Workshop options: 

  • Instagram 101 
  • Linkedin Marketing 
  • Content strategy 101
  • Social media basics - The foundation
  • Social media marketing - Real Estate 101 

Group training is the best way to learn and grow together! 

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"Monika did great work, for my Facebook and Web site. I recommend her when starting a business, need updates, or coaching. Monika took the load off my shoulders!!"
- Wendy Emond