6 Simple Ways To Spring Clean Your Social Media Marketing

March 09, 2021


6 Simple Ways To Spring Clean Your Social Media Marketing

As we head into the busy spring period, now's a good time to review your social media profiles and your website, to ensure that everything is up to date, accurate, and wherever possible, secure as it can be.

1. Do An Audit

The first step is to assess how well your current social media marketing works for you. We can waste time and resources trying to improve things that don’t need improving while neglecting the things that we really need to work on. A social media audit is a great way to take stock of where you’re at and identify what you can improve on going forward.

2. Check Out The Competiton

Doing some competitor analysis allows you to benchmark your metrics against others to see how you stack up.

  • What type of content are they creating and how often are they sharing it?


3. Spruce Up Your Social Media Profiles

Review each of your existing social profiles with these questions in mind.

  • Is it time to update your bio with new information?
  • Should you use a more professional image for your avatar?
  • Are your header images clear and compelling?
  • Are you making good use of keywords?
  • Do you need to include a new call-to-action?

4  Move Forward With A Fresh Social Media Strategy

Finally, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the HOW of social media and forget about the WHY. When using social media for marketing purposes, you need to understand that social media is more than just creating social accounts and posting updates once in a while. You need a solid strategy guiding your social media tactics. Complete all of these tasks and you’ll have social channels that are spring-fresh and ready to roll.

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