Social Media Audit

Are you ready to start attracting customers on social media? Are you looking to build your online presence?

My Social Media Strategy Audit Training Session Covers:

  • Messaging: Do your captions connect with people resulting in likes and comments? Are you speaking to your audience?
  • Engagement: Do your posts spark conversations? Which posts are successful or need improvement?
  • Profile Page: Does your profile tell people who you are and how you can help them?
  • Social Media Apps: Are you using social media apps potential customers use?
  • Content: Does your content inspire people to ask questions or purchase?
  • Post Presentation: Do your posts look professional? Do people reshare your posts with enthusiasm?
  • Social Media Publishing Times: Do you publish posts when most of your followers are online?
  • Hashtag Strategy: Are you using the right hashtags?

Our social media audits are done virtually and are recorded Zooms sessions. The session is a two-hour final recommendation session. Let's chat today about how I can help increase your online presence. 

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"Monika did great work, for my Facebook and Web site. I recommend her when starting a business, need updates, or coaching. Monika took the load off my shoulders!!"
- Wendy Emond